For patients who are in pain, we will treat you with priority and do our best to see you on the same day.

Our Dental Clinic in Central is only 2-min walk from Central MTR (Exit D2), on 7th Floor, Century Square

If you are experiencing bad tooth or gum pain, please call

Emergency: +852 2526 2383After Hours: +852 6071 4530

We can help you with all dental emergencies, such as:

• Toothache or Tooth Pain
• Jaw Pain
• Bleeding Gums
• Infections
• Abscesses and Swelling
• Knocked Out Tooth
• Loosened or Displaced Teeth
• Chips, Fractures and Cracks 
Tooth pain. Emergency Dental Clinic. Smith and Jain Dentists In Central Hong Kong. Call Us Now. Dental Emergency Treatment Available on Priority Basis.


If that is the case, our dentists in central are here to help you. Our dental treatments include Dental Implants, Crown and bridge, Dentures, Root Canal Treatment, Wisdom Teeth Removal, and Children’s Dentistry and more.