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Number of Visits: 3 - 4 visits
Completion Time: 2 - 3 months
Recovery Period: 1 day

What is Our Dental Implant Treatment Like?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed in the gum and jawbone in replacement of a missing tooth. Implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Most if not all implants nowadays are made of titanium; titanium is known to naturally fuse with the jawbone allowing the implant tooth to feel and function naturally.

The 3 Step Process for Implants at Smith & Jain

Step 1: Consultation

The implant procedure first involves a consultation with the dentist, during the consultation the dentist will check to see if you’re suitable for the procedure or not with the help of dental x-rays and frequently by using our in-house CT scan. Our dentists in the clinics will carefully plan the fitting and make sure that it does not harm any existing nerves.

Step 2: Treatment

Once deemed suitable, the dentist will surgically place an implant. This takes around 15-20 minutes for one implant.

Step 3: Follow Up Appointments

The next appointment is then scheduled after 6 weeks. Once the bone has healed, a connector post (abutment) is placed on top of the post. Our dentists will then take an impression to make either a crown, denture or bridge to fit on top of the abutment. A successful implant that is done properly and taken care of with good oral hygiene can last a lifetime. The documented success of our implant is 35 years with a 95% success rate.

Advantages to Implants

There are many advantages to having dental implants such as they’re comfortable and permanent, they function and look like your own teeth and the procedure doesn’t require damaging or reducing other healthy teeth, as is the case with normal bridges.

Why Do you Need a Dental Implant?

Most patients in our clinics get implants either because their teeth have broken in an accident or have rotted away due to improper care. Implants at our practice are used as a last resort, when the tooth can’t be saved.

Removal dentures are also a possible solution however not permanent.

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