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Number of Visits: 2 visits
Completion Time: 1 - 8 days
Recovery Period: None

Dental veneers are thin shells used to cover teeth for cosmetic reasons. Veneers can be made using either porcelain or resin material; porcelain veneers mimic the natural teeth characteristics and resist stains better than resin materials. Veneers can be used to treat teeth that are discoloured, stained, worn down, chipped or broken, misaligned or irregularly-shaped and to fill gaps between teeth.

3 Steps to Getting Veneers at Smith & Jain

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

Explain to your dentist the results you are trying to achieve, during our diagnosis the dentist will examine the teeth to assess whether veneers would be appropriate. X-rays and impressions may be taken of your mouth.

Step 2: Preparation

During the veneer preparation process, the dentist will remove about 0.5mm of enamel from the tooth surface in order to allow space for the veneer to fit nicely over the tooth. After the tooth is prepped, the dentist will then scan the teeth and send it out to a dental lab who will then use the impression to fabricate the veneers.

Step 3: Bonding

During the bonding process, the dentist will first check the fit and colour of the veneer before permanently bonding it to the tooth.

If the fit and colour is correct, the dentist will permanently cement it in place.

The Need for Veneers

Your dentist will recommend veneers if your teeth are discoloured, worn down, chipped or broken and finally to close the space between your teeth.

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